The admin has no tokens. Team only gets 5% from transactions. At the beginning, only the community will have tokens. No dump. No whales.


Every day we hold a lottery between the holders LockyDoge. The winner receives 5% of all transactions per day.


Based on OpenZeppelin contract with added commission. No scam. It is easy to understand, anyone can check. see the contract


Presale price 30% less than PCS TAX FEE: 0% - presale without tax fee

Become an early investor now and get your bonuses!

Min 0.1 BNB
Max 3 BNB



# Date Address Reward Transaction
1 06/22/21 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000 9999 LUCKY see on bscscan
2 06/23/21 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000 99999 LUCKY see on bscscan
3 06/24/21 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000 999999 LUCKY see on bscscan

The winners table will be populated after launch.


Total Supply
1 000 000 000
TAX FEE: 10%
(5% to winner, 5% to dev)

25% burned. proof (after launch)

Hi, Im dev of luckydoge and I, like you, love cryptocurrencies and Shiba Inu dogs. And like you, I don't like scams and one-day tokens. Therefore, I decided to create my own token, devoid of these disadvantages.

The daily lottery and the application will provide an influx of new holders. There will be no point in selling tokens on the first day, because there will be a real chance to win a large amount (50% commission for all transactions for the current day). The winner will be selected at random from all the holders who will have the token on their account.

The team does not have tokens, their only reward is 50% of the transaction fee. So we are all interested in the success of the project.


What can this app do?
Using this application, you can conduct a lottery for any token in the binance smart chain. Just enter the address of the contract and the application will automatically analyze all participants and choose the winner.

Why is it needed?
People will participate in lotteries more often if they trust their results. This application is based on the blockchain and anyone can check the fairness of the lottery. This opens up many new opportunities for tokens. Everyone is already tired of tokens that do nothing.

How to make money on it?
1. To carry out the lottery, you will need to have a lucky token on your account (only have it, the application is free). There are many examples of such applications: dxsale, poocoin, e.t.c.
2. With the help of this application, users will learn about the lucky token and buy it.

More detail coming soon.
Release date: 7/30/21

  • First wave of marketing.
  • PancakeSwap launch.
  • Start of daily lotteries.
  • LuckyDoge Application.
  • Further product promotion.
  • Token development.
  • Web site creation.
  • Presale.
  • New site (redesign for App.).
  • Massive marketing (more listings, paid ads).